Powerconsumption, an average

Well, I figured out, that a monthly, daily or even minutely report of my powerconsumption did not give an overall view on when consumption is more or less. This is why i wanted some aggregated data…

As I described earlier, I am logging the consumption of my mains on a basis of 10 minutes.
I have two electric meters, one on the Erdwärmepumpe, the other one concerned with the normal house supply.

Just to get it clear: Although the following graphs are based on a quarterly hour, the data is aggregated from a per-10-minutes view. The scale is as follows: 10.000 is a kWh, so e.g. 400 is 0,04 kwH. So even if you see, that the scale on the x-axis is 15min, keep in mind, that this is rounded from a 10min basis. So you can’t sum up four values on a quarter-hour-base to get the consumption for an hour but you have to use 6 times (60min divided by 10min) the displayed value.

This said, you can compare those values to the graphs shown in this article


This is the aggregated output on a quarterly hour base per day since beginning of January 2017 for my Erdwärmepumpe.

[wpbusinessintelligence id=“8″ type=“chart“ iframe=“y“ ]Any text (chart name?)[/wpbusinessintelligence]

As seen now (28th February 2017) there are some peaks around 10 a.m and one at 07:30 p.m. Although I checked the programming of the Erdwärmepumpe there was nothing to explain those peaks. But keep in mind, that we are talking about a variing range of 5% minimum/maximum.


As I did with the Erdwärmepumpe, I aggregated all the data beginning on 01st of January 2017 to a per day basis for my second electric meter.

[wpbusinessintelligence id=“9″ type=“chart“ iframe=“y“ ]Any text (chart name?)[/wpbusinessintelligence]

As you can see, power consumption varies within a range of 25%. This is explainable to me, since consumption increases in the early morning hours and in the afternoon when everyone is back from work/school.

It might be interesting to differentiate between workdays and weekends, what maybe shows some more significant differences. This might explain, why there is so much less consumption at around 10.00a.m.

Ok, let’s have a look on the consumption in a working week from monday to friday.

[wpbusinessintelligence id=“10″ type=“chart“ iframe=“y“ ]Any text (chart name?)[/wpbusinessintelligence]

On the other hand the average on saturday and sunday.

[wpbusinessintelligence id=“11″ type=“chart“ iframe=“y“ ]Any text (chart name?)[/wpbusinessintelligence]

Hmm, the less consumption at around 10 a.m. is still unexplainable to me…

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