A warm welcome

Who am I?

My name is Martin Bulinski, born and grown up in Berlin and still settled there. I like outdoor activities, electronics, home automation and gardening.

What is my profession?

I work as a computer scientist, educated at TU Berlin.

Beforehand I studied in the pharmaceutical industry and was involved in database applications and concentrated on the database part, preferrably ORACLE RDBMS.

What is my jobs passion?

I love to develop long-lasting architectures, which are easy to maintain due to detailed, precise rulesets. I love to generate documentation out of a database deployment without additional effort

– if design is good and all conventions are met –

What are my personal assets?

I automate repetetive tasks with help of rulesets and I like quality reporting. I am able to convince with good examples and explain, how easy and valuable it can be, to program with conventions. The goal is to reach for clean, robust code which is easy to maintain.