CV english


  • Computer science assistent (Schering AG, Berlin)

  • Computer Scientist (TU Berlin, summa cum laude)

  • Certified ABAP Consultant

  • ORACLE Delivery Partner


  • Database modelling

  • System modelling

  • ERWin

  • SQL Developer Database Modeler

  • TOAD, PL/SQL Developer

  • PL/SQL, ORACLE Discoverer

  • APEX (Application Express)

  • ORACLE Backup&Recovery

  • ORACLE Tuning

  • ORACLE data guard

  • ORACLE database vault

  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

  • Data vault 2.0

  • SAP Architecture

  • SAP Administration

  • SAP Query

  • SAP Dictionary

  • SAP privilege management / security

  • Oracle Database Vault for SAP



  • ITIL



  • Field:
    Container Logistics

  • Role:
    Technical Rollout Manager responsible for Asia and North America

  • Project:
    GLOBE (Global Logistics Organization Environment)

Responsible for
  • Prepare and manage the GLOBE regional rollouts in co-ordination with the GLOBE business rollout manager and the regional rollout management team. Support the creation of the detailed rollout plan and approach as well as the validation of the business implementation and the necessary contingency processes. Ensure all training plan and related milestones as provided by the GLOBE master plan are adhered too and that all rollout steps, artifacts and organizational changes are addressed, planned and closed. Align with any relevant stakeholders within HSDG for any technical related rollout topics, ensuring speedy escalation and resolution for all critical issues.  Support the local organisation and regional management during the preparation and rollout phase, provide the central status reporting and act as liaison between business and IT on all technical related issues and ensure execution of all pre and post implementation activities needed to complete the rollout.
  • In conjunction with Business Rollout Manager create a detailed rollout plan covering both preparation and execution phases of a rollout, containing business and technical requirements, aligned with rollout region, business and GLOBE Program stakeholders.
  • Review the technical rollout approach and check business suitability and/or gaps
  • Support the creation of the detailed regional rollout and training plan by release, based on GLOBE master plan and individual rollout milestones
  • Validate the rollout and training activities planned by the region and ensure completion and adherence to the GLOBE plans
  • Coordinate use and assignment of the training environments for the different rollout phases and also the necessary data provisioning to ensure a standard training approach in the regions (standard data, approach etc)
  • Ensure all required regional rollout readiness tasks are completed to meet required milestones including any technical and organisational change activities in coordination with local management and respective headquarter business areas and business process governance organisation
  • Monitor progress of regional rollout activities and key deliverables e.g. regional master data preparation
  • Initiate management actions and escalation where appropriate
  • Serve as the first point of escalation for all technical topics
  • Ensure a regional rollout organization and responsibility matrix
  • Manage rollout related communication towards business/line organisation
  • Drive data quality issues affecting the rollout to the correct stakeholders



  • Field:

  • Role:
    Business Analyst, Consultant

  • Project:
    Project RiDAR (CORE)

 Responsible for
  • Competence field finance/controlling

  • Project:/Risk/Credit/Finance

  • Consulting /Development/Support for project RiDAR (CORE)

  • Development of scripts for data cleansing and data migration

  • Test of migration scenarios regarding execution time (e.g. SQL or PL/SQL with cursors, bulk binds and more)

  • Ensure data quality through quality gates realized with pl/sql procedures

  • Reporting to stakeholders

  • Workshops with stakeholders, business units and technical teams to lead to business decisions regarding change of business processes, migration decisions and software delevopment


  • Field:

  • Role:
    Business Analyst, Rollout

  • Project:
    Support CORE programme in Project Migration

 Responsible for
  • Senior Business Analyst for Migration

  • Development of migration strategies and passing it to a technical migration design

  • Development of migration concepts including rule books (e.g. to connect to and migrate from „secondary tenants“ in foreign countries to Frankfurt)

  • Development analysis and tests (profilings) regarding source data quality and mapping rules (PL-SQL and SAS-SQL)

  • Supporting and consulting of analyses of source systems, data quality issues and data cleansing activities

  • Effective moderation, presentation and arrangement of workshop (12 to 15 participants, english)

  • Coordination of business fields and technical team

  • Tracking of migration issues and solution design with support of both international business fields (foreign countries and Germany) and technical teams

  • Preparation and Reporting to stakeholder management


  • Field:

  • Role:
    SAP Business Consultant

  • Project:
    Oracle Database Vault: Securing payment relevant data in SAP environments from unwarranted access by administrators considering existing business processes

 Responsible for
  • Actual state analysis vs. target scenario with operation of Oracle Database Vault

  • Clarification and documentation of essential technical and organizational base conditions and preconditions with regard to best-practices of the involved software manufacturer

  • Coordination and creation of a business risk assessment and derivation of required steps to control identified risks, especially for “run the bank”

  • Establishment of needed business processes and their needed integration into the business organization of the bank

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Database Vault in a production-near test environment with regards to best-practices of the involved software manufacturer

  • Creation of an installation documentation

  • Identifying fields of risk and their priority/assignment

  • Creation and redesign of documents for incident management

  • Creation of checklists for upcoming maintenance and rollout operation like
    new Oracle/SAP releases, updates/patches, system copies or homogene migrations

  • Creation of documentation for decommisioning without residue in case of failure or non-fulfillment

  • Creation and implementation of useful reports regarding the new functionality

  • Identification of needed adaptations regarding existing monitoring solutions and build up a proof-of-concept

  • Realization of a Proof of Concept in a test environment, focussing Backup- and Desaster-Recovery as well as business continuity aspects

  • Validation of the expectations with respect to the target scenario

  • Assist the rollout in production, collaborate with the internal SAP team as well as with software vendors and external service providers

  • Creation and delivery of final documentation and support in redesign of internal process documentation

  • Proof and document functionality for later audits and or bank examinations (for your information: functionality meanwhile audited and confirmed by KPMG)

  • Lead to an acceptance by „run the bank“


  • Field:
    Internal and national security

  • Role:
    Sub-project board „development”

  • Project:
    Implementation of a Rollout Management Tool for migrating clients to Windows 7 (est. 21.000 user, resp. PCs worldwide) with ORACLE Application Express (APEX), responsible for implementation following customer requirements

 Responsible for
  • Actual state analysis

  • Target design

  • Rollout the application

  • Tuning

  • Implement workflows with LDAP and email-notification


  • Field:
    public sector

  • Role:
    Sub-project board „databases“

  • Project:
    Consolidate database landscape (mySQL, Informix, MS SQL Server, ORACLE),
    est. 1000 databases, design a migration conecpt for database applications to e.g. ORACLE APEX

 Responsible for
  • Detailled elaboration of assigned work packages (which tasks with which dependencies)

  • Risk Assessment – cooperate in determining risks, plan reducing actions

  • Participate in analysis and solution design

  • Subject-specific control and realization of the subproject plan

  • Track subproject milestones (incl. Q-Gates) and subproject budget

  • Cooperation in proactive risk management

  • Create ressource plans and track ressource usage

  • Cooperation in milestones changes (Change Management)

  • Acquire needed HW/SW/personell with support through central purchase

  • moderation (meetings, Conferences)

  • Creation of reportings of the subproject for the programme lead and stakeholder management

  • Escalation instance within the subproject

  • Define and establish subproject internal project communication

  • Interface for team members

  • Authority to decide:

    • Decisions to implement technical solution

    • Calculate efforts in subproject

    • Create timeplan and milestons in subproject

    • Project organisation and project management in subproject


  • Field:

  • Role:
    subproject manager

  • Project:
    quotation calculation in the field of databases

 Responsible for
  • Trainings and coachings in the field of ORACLE databases

  • Quotation calculation for 600 person-days migrations to ORACLE

  • Development of ORACLE operation manuals for public sector in Berlin/Brandenburg

  • Development of migration concepts for Flughafen Hamburg (Airsys) from MS SQL Server to ORACLE (high security)

  • Support of a Hamburg energy billing company by planning heavy duty data imports and automation of loading processes

The Right Digital Solutions for your Business

We offer high speed, unparalleled security and 24/7 support.

The Right Digital Solutions for your Business

We offer high speed, unparalleled security and 24/7 support.

The Right Digital Solutions for your Business

We offer high speed, unparalleled security and 24/7 support.